Quadratic Sequences Worksheets

Quadratic Sequences

Quadratic sequences worksheets for gcse higher grade 8 for students in year 9, year 10 and year 11. This page currently contains a single quadratic sequences worksheet.

Quadratic Sequences Nth terms Worksheets and Answers

Students typically learn about quadratic sequences once they have learnt about linear sequences. Quadratic sequences have a higher power of 2. When the differences between each term is not uniform but instead goes up or down in equal steps this indicates that the sequence is quadratic. When the difference between the differences, otherwise known a the second difference, is the same or uniform, then this confirms that the sequences is quadratic. Take a look at the example below.
Quadratic Sequences
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Quadratic Sequences Nth terms Worksheets: Best Practice

Below is a set of key words used when studying the topic of sequences.
Quadratic Sequences Nth terms key words

Quadratic Sequences

Sequences Cazoomy Maths Worksheet and Answers 5

Quadratic Sequences Cazoomy Worksheet and Answers
9-1 GCSE Higher
Grade 8
Year 9

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Quadratic Sequences Answer

  • n² + 3

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