Nikola Tesla – The Serbian-American Inventor 📚

Nikola Tesla was an American immigrant who gained notoriety as a mathematician and engineer. He is most famous for developing the electricity grid. Nikola Tesla died in 1943.

Tesla Motors

Tesla motors was famously named after Nikola Tesla, famously inspired by his innovations in the field of electrical engineering.

The 369 Code

Towards the end of his life, Nikola Tesla developed an obsession with the numbers 3, 6 and 9. For example he would ensure that hotel rooms were made with the reservation room number as 369 and it’s derivatives.

369 Tesla Code Nines
369 Tesla Code Nines Times Table
369 Tesla Code Nines Times Table
369 Tesla Code Nines Times Table

Social Influence in Popular Culture

Nikola Tesla has been described as a non-conformist who didn’t quite fit in with the engineering world, instead he reinvented it in his own way. Nikola Tesla inspires inventors to always think outside the box.

Nikola Tesla As Poet and Thinker

Tesla was very quiet and reserved. He spent time alone and never married. He believed in the secrets of the universe. His work and legacy lives on decades after his passing. Tesla is most remembered as a daring scientist inventing new systems in electrical power. Nikola Tesla wrote several poems and a wide range of thought-provoking quotes.

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