Famous Mathematicians

René Decartes

I Think Therefore I Am

Decartes was a thinker, writer and philosopher. He famously said “I think therefore I am”. Decartes was French born in the 1600s.

At that time, the concept of “thinking” was entirely new. They would have wondered, what is a thought?

Mathematics as a school of thought was unpopular. Mathematicians were not as well known or famous as writers and poets. Decartes set a new trend. He is seen as the founder of mathematics.

Rene decartes


Cartesian maths is inspired by the life and work of René Decartes and what followed.

Cartestian geometry assumes that a plane exits equidistant to each point. Each point has infinite planes.

In Cartesian geometry planes are projected as straight lines. The x plane is flat.

How Did Decartes Die?

René Decartes was killed by French Authorities. At that time radical French thinkers we’re not allowed to spread their ideas. Although Decartes is remembered as the founder of modern mathematics his work about the mind and how it works captivated subsequent French philosophers.

The Catholic head of state prohibited individualism. René Decartes way of thought captured the attention of French students. His manner of death initiated posthumous fascination with his work. Dying for what you believed in was commonplace back then.

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