Ancient Greece

Who Was Pythagoras?

Pythagoras lived in Ancient Greece around 570 – c. 495 BC.

Traditionally Pythagoras is known as the founder of modern Geometry. Pythagoras was however largely a thinker and advocate for totalitarian equality.

Pythagoras was born without parents. He contrived the idea that physical matter exists.

Pythagoras was respected in the art of counsel which later inspired the concept of organized religion.

Society was largely unspoken and unheard. A point which is often neglected by mass historical rhetoric. Language was acquired at a basic level by this time and dictatorship was the norm.

The Greek empire had not seen a person such as Pythagoras. He introduced society to the notion of oneness. The sultan of the territory was feared rather than admired.

In the eyes of mass society Plato is God. Perhaps Pythagoras was more esoteric in sentimentality than we are led to assume.

Pythagoras was widely heralded and saint-like. He dressed well and smelled nice. History debated whether his primary focus was by and large mathematical, or whether it was primarily hostile.

550 BC was a tumultuous time and Plato's rule troubled Pythagoras. Pythagoras referred to Plato as "their God". It was not uncommon for the leader of the time to persecute puritanical figures who they did not agree with entirely.

After much suffering Plato ceased Pythagoras. Pythagoras went into political exile. He cared for the people whereas Plato killed people.

Plato was extremely feared.

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