Linear Graphs worksheets for foundation gcse and gcse higher. This page contains 13 Linear Graphs worksheets working from grade 1 to grade 8. Linear graphs worksheet 1 asks students to plot and draw linear straight graphs. Linear graphs worksheet 5 asks students to find the gradient of linear graphs. Linear graphs worksheet 11 asks students to evaluate functions including linear graphs. Linear graphs worksheet 12 and linear graphs worksheet 13 asks students to work with simultaneous equations.

Linear Graphs Worksheets and Answers

Straight-Line Graphs are also known as linear functions, or linear graphs. When straight-line graphs are sloping then we call this slope the gradient. Straight line graphs with a gradient take the form y = mx + c.
what is y equals mx plus c

Linear Graphs Worksheets: Best Practice

When straight-line graphs are horizontal the equation for the line will start as y = "a certain number", such as y = 3, or y = 5. When straight-line graphs are vertical the equation for the line will start as x = "a certain number", such as x = 3, or x = 5. Suggested after topics include: Simultaneous Equations, Quadratic Graphs and Cubic Graphs.
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