Shading regions inequalities worksheets containing questions and answers for gcse maths and key stage 4. Shading regions inequalities worksheet 1 is targeted for year 10 working at grade 5 and shading regions inequalities worksheet 2 is aimed at gcse higher for year 10 working at grade 7. Each shading regions inequalities worksheet also contains questions suitable for students in year 11.

Shading Regions Inequalities Worksheets Example 1

Before we shade regions, we'll really want to be super confident with naming and recognising straight line graphs, including y=mx + c and working with gradients and y-intercepts. Check out these linear graphs below and name their equations correctly. Your teacher or parent will help you (or you parent will look over your shoulder politely nodding hoping you know what you're doing! hehe 🤠
shading regions starter
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Shading Regions Inequalities Worksheets Example 2

In the shading regions example below regions are defined using Inequalities. Click here to brush up on your practice with inequalities: Inequalities Practice Worksheets.
shading regions example 1

Shading Regions Inequalities Worksheets – New & Engaging