expanding double brackets worksheets

expanding double brackets worksheets

Expanding double brackets worksheets for year 9 for students working at grade 5. These Expanding double brackets worksheets are designed for 9-1 GCSE maths at the higher level for the UK national curriculum. Expanding double brackets worksheet 1 asks students to expand double brackets with the help of grids which are drawn on to the expanding double brackets worksheet. Expanding double brackets worksheet 2 asks students to expand double brackets with the help of grids. Expanding double brackets worksheet 2 contains three sections and each section of the Expanding double brackets worksheet increases in difficulty.

Expanding Double Brackets Worksheets and Answers

FOIL is the common method used when expanding double brackets. When we say double brackets it means having two open and closed brackets side by side. When two brackets are next two each other it means that everything in the first bracket is multiplied by everything in the second bracket. With numbers this is straight forward to do, however it gets more interesting when we include algebraic expressions in the mix!
Expanding Double Brackets FOIL Example

Expanding Double Brackets Worksheets: Best Practice Advice

The second expanding brackets worksheet is a traditional exercise with three sections. Each section increases in difficulty and the final section involves another number outside of the double brackets. In this situation students are advised to multiply and simplify everything inside of the double brackets first, and then multiply that expression by the number indicated on the outside. Makes sense right?! 😛
Expanding Double Brackets Grids

Expanding Double Brackets Questions And Answers

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