expanding simplifying brackets worksheets

expanding simplifying brackets worksheets

Expanding and simplifying brackets worksheets for year 8 working at grade 8. This page currently contains 1 expanding and simplifying brackets worksheet. Expanding and simplifying brackets worksheet 1 had four sections. In the last two sections expanding and simplifying brackets worksheet 1 asks students to expand two sets of brackets and then simplify.

Expanding and Simplifying Brackets Worksheets and Answers

Sometimes after you expand single brackets you may then have to simplify the expression. Sometimes this can get confusing, it's important to remember to expand the brackets first and then add or subtract any similar terms - this is also known as collecting like terms.
It's a really good idea if you learn how to collecting like terms before expanding and simplifying terms - sounds obvious right? Not necessarily! With that said here's a quick simplifying terms warm up.
Collecting terms drill
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Expanding and Simplifying Brackets Worksheets: Best Practice Advice

Expanding brackets and then collecting like terms can be a lot of fun, in the third section of the worksheet you'll notice that we increase the difficulty. In this section you will have to expand the single brackets separately and then collect the like terms afterwards. These types of questions can get confusing because they look similar to expanding double brackets! Remember though that expanding double brackets requires a different technique to the one applied in section C!
expanding and simplifying brackets example

Expanding Simplifying Brackets Questions And Answers

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