Graphs Worksheets

Graphs Worksheets

Graphs Practice

Graphs worksheets and practice questions for gcse maths including gcse foundation and gcse higher. Each graph worksheet targets a different gcse grade. Graphs worksheet 1 through to graphs worksheet 6 targets grade 3 for year 7 and year 8 students. Graphs worksheet 7 to graphs worksheet 16 target higher grades up to grade 8.

Graphs Worksheets Example 1

This section includes for you straight-line graphs, quadratic graphs and cubic graphs.
horizontal linear graphs vertical linear graphs
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Graphs Worksheets Example 2

When straight-line graphs are horizontal the equation for the line will start as y = "a certain number", such as y = 3, or y = 5. When straight-line graphs are vertical the equation for the line will start as x = "a certain number", such as x = 3, or x = 5. Suggested after topics include: Simultaneous Equations, Quadratic Graphs and Cubic Graphs.
Quadratic Graphs example

Graphs Questions And Answers

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