Identities Maths Worksheets

Identities Maths Worksheets

Identities Worksheets

Identities maths worksheets for year 10 and year 11 working on the 9-1 gcse higher curriculum. Identities maths worksheet 1 asks students to correctly identify expressions, equations, identities and formulas. Identities maths worksheet 2 asks students to correctly place an equals sign or an identity sign between the statements.

Identities Maths Worksheets Example 1

Students will know the difference between an identity, an equation, a quadratic formula worksheets and an simplifying expressions worksheets.
identities maths worksheet
identities maths

Identities Maths Worksheets Example 2

Being able to recognise identities is especially important when moving on to the topic Algebraic Proof worksheets.
identities maths worksheet 2
identities maths 2

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