Inverse Proportion Worksheets

Inverse Proportion Worksheets

Inverse Proportion Worksheets

A single inverse proportion worksheet for gcse higher working at grade 8. This inverse proportion worksheet is suitable for students in year 10 and year 11 following the UK national curriculum.

Inverse Proportion Worksheets Example 1

Inverse proportion involves multiplicative reasoning. Inverse proportion requires students to work comfortably with fractions and decimals. Our Inverse proportion worksheet has been made colourful and visual to help the student to engage fully with the topic.
inverse proportion
inverse proportion graph

Inverse Proportion Worksheet Example 2

Our Inverse proportion worksheets and answers are designed for scaffolded learning. What is scaffolding in teacher talk? It is when a resource or in this case a worksheet, builds on the students prior learning needs. Each Inverse proportion worksheet is broken into sections and we like to keep each section sizeable and concise. When it comes to teaching Algebra using our algebra worksheets and answers, our best practice advice is to follow the A, B, C, D system that we have put in place. This is to help teachers and students know which algebra worksheet is best to follow on.
inverse proportion example

100s of Inverse Proportion Worksheets
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Inverse Proportion Questions And Answers

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