Quadratic Graphs Worksheets

quadratic graphs worksheets

Quadratic Graphs Worksheets

Quadratic graphs worksheets for gcse mathematics. There are 6 quadratic graphs worksheets below ranging from gcse grade 3 up until gcse grade 8.

Quadratic Graphs Worksheets Example 1

Quadratic Graphs are also known as quadratic functions, or quadratic graphs. We call the curve formed by a quadratic function a "parabola".
Quadratic Graphs example

Quadratic Graphs Worksheets Example 2

When using a graph to solve a quadratic equation we look for where the graph crosses the x-axis. This is known as "finding the solutions". Suggested after topics include: Simultaneous Equations Worksheets, Straight-Line Graphs Worksheets, Graphs and Cubic Graphs Worksheets.
quadratic graphs minimum points

100s of Quadratic Graphs Worksheets
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