rearranging formulae worksheets

Rearranging Formulae Worksheets

Rearranging Formulae Worksheets

Rearranging formulae worksheets and rearranging equations worksheets for gcse maths working at foundation and higher at grade 4, grade 6 and grade 8. Rearranging formulae worksheet 1 involves changing the equation also known as changing the subject of the equation. Rearranging formulae worksheet 2 involves rearranging into the form y=mx + c. Rearranging formulae worksheet 3 and rearranging formulae worksheet 4 asks students more difficult questions in a traditional format.

Rearranging Formulae Worksheets Example 1

Equations and formulae sometimes need to be rearranged. Another way to describe it is "changing the subject". When we write an equation it has a subject, so for example with y = mx + c, y is the subject. With x = 2y - 4 then x is the subject. This is a very important skill when accessing more advanced topics such as those met at A-Level Mathematics.
rearranging formulae

Rearranging Formulae Worksheets Example 2

Rearranging formulae may not be the most dazzling topic in maths to learn or to teach, however it is important. Rearranging the subject is really about practice, practice, pracitice. Once you know the basics it can be addictively fun. We have a variety of traditional exercises to help support you in your delivery of teaching and learning this topic. Enjoy... 🙂
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Rearranging Formulae Questions And Answers

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