solving inequalities worksheets

Solving Inequalities Worksheets
Solving inequalities pdf worksheets for gcse maths higher and foundation. Each solving inequalities worksheet is suitable for gcse students in year 10 and year 11. Solving inequalities worksheet 1 contains questions on solving inequalities and showing the answer on a number line. Solving inequalities worksheet 2 contains questions on recognising inequality symbols. Solving inequalities worksheet 3 and solving inequalities worksheet 4 involve questions on shading regions. Solving inequalities worksheet 5, solving inequalities worksheet 6 and solving inequalities worksheet 7 are traditional solving inequalities worksheets.

Solving Inequalities Worksheets Example 1

Solving Inequalities works by balancing sides similar to when we solve equations. When solving inequalities whenever we divide or multiply both sides by a negative, usually at the last stage, we must remember to switch the signs around, for example, a greater than sign will become a less than sign. Can you think of why we do this when solving inequalities? Check out the solving inequalities example below.
solving inequalities

Solving Inequalities Worksheets Example 2

Solving Inequalities is a GCSE Higher maths topic. Students are expected to have a good understanding of numbers, including decimals and place value. More advanced students will be comfortable working with fractions both mixed fractions and improper fractions.
As a starter find the solutions to the quadratic graphs shown below.
solving quadratic inequalities

Solving Inequalities Questions And Answers

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