substitution worksheets

Substitution Worksheets
Substitution worksheets for gcse maths for year 7, year 8 and year 9. This page contains 9 substitution worksheets including questions on substituting into expressions as well as questions on substituting into formulae. Substitution worksheet 1 targets grade 1 for year 7 and substitution worksheet 9 targets year 8 at gcse foundation.

Substitution Worksheets Example 1

In maths we can substitute into expressions and we can substitute into formulae. You can tell the difference between an expression and a formula because expressions do not have an equals sign.

Substitution Worksheets Example 2

Worksheet 3 is a substitution magic square worksheet. With magic squares the sum of the rows and the columns and the diagonals are all the same. This can be a really fun exercise when you get into it!

Substitution Questions And Answers