Trial and Improvement Worksheets

trial improvement worksheets

Trial and Improvement Worksheets

This page contains 3 trial and improvement worksheets for gcse maths. Each trial and improvement worksheet contains practice questions and answers in a pdf file. Trial and improvement worksheet 1 and Trial and improvement worksheet 2 include questions in a table format and is targeted for year 9 and year 10 students working at grade 4 and grade 5 for gcse maths within the 9-1 UK national curriculum.

Trial and Improvement Worksheets Example 1

Before engaging with Trial and Improvement students will want to explore Rounding, including Upper and Lower Bounds. In order to access worksheet number 3 students will have already learnt about Inequalities.

Trial and Improvement Worksheets

Trial and Improvement Worksheets Example 2

A calculator will come in handy for worksheet 1 and 2. Remember you can always leave feedback at the bottom of each page - if you spot a mistake, or perhaps you have a creative suggestion or a really cool idea, then pop your suggestion in the comment box below! Cheers, Chaun and the team!
Trial and Improvement Worksheets 2

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Trial Improvement Questions And Answers

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