Multiplying Decimals Worksheets

multiplying decimals worksheets

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Cazoomy Multiplying Decimals Worksheets

This page contains 2 mutiplying decimals worksheets, 3 dividing decimals worksheets and 2 mixed exercises. These multiplying decimals worksheets target year 7 and year 8 working at grade 2 and grade 3.

Multiplying Decimals Worksheets and Answers

Multiplying decimals is a lot easier when you know your times tables really well. You may use the multiplication chart below as a reference.
multiplication chart

Multiplying Decimals Worksheet Example

Below shows an example of Multiplying decimals. In this example we learn how to multiply 1.9 by 0.3

Multiplying Decimals worksheet

Multiplying Decimals Best Practice Advice

When multiplying decimals using the column method always write the decimal atthe top and the integer below.
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Multiplying Decimals Worksheet Starter

Below shows an multiplying decimals starter. The multiplying decimals starter contains 8 questions and the answers are below.

Multiplying Decimals worksheets

    Multiplying Decimals Starter Answers

  • 1) 0.8
  • 2) 0.5
  • 3) 0.9
  • 4) 7.0
  • 5) 0.8
  • 6) 4.5
  • 7) 0.22
  • 8) 0.06

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