Alternate Angles Worksheets – New & Engaging

Alternate Angles Worksheets – New & Engaging

Alternate Angles worksheets for gcse maths foundation and gcse higher. Alternate angles worksheet 1 works at grade 2 targeted for year 8. Alternate angles worksheet 3 contains questions for year 7 working at grade 2 and alternate angles worksheet 5 contains questions at grade 4 targeting year 9.

Alternate Angles on Parallel Lines

Alternate angles are also known as "Z angles" because the shape formed between parallel lines is a "Z" shape. Parallel lines are straight lines that never touch.
parallel lines angles worksheets

Spotting Alternate Angles

The example below shows alternate angles. Parallel lines can be horizontal, vertical or slanted with a gradient. All four sets of parallel lines contain alternate angles that are exactly equivalent.

alternate angles worksheets

Parallel Lines Joke


Alternate Angles Question and Answer One

Alternate angles image below asks to correctly identify the pair of alternate angles. The alternate angles will form a "Z" shape. Corresponding angles, however, form an "F" shape. Angles on parallel lines follow special rules.

alternate angles worksheets

Alternate Angles Question and Answer Two

The alternate angle question below is taken from an exam paper. The answer is 62o. The angles make a Z shape between parallel lines.

alternate angles question 1

Alternate Angles Question and Answer Three

The third alternate angles problem asks for the unknown missing angle. Angles on straight lines equal to 180 degrees. The supplementary angle is 104o because it is an alternate angle. 180o - 104o = 76o. The final answer therefore is 76o.

.alternate angles question 2

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