Area of 2d Shapes Worksheets – New & Engaging

Area of 2D Shapes worksheets for gcse maths foundation and key stage 3. There are 9 area of 2d shapes worksheets on this page. Area of 2D Shapes worksheet 1 targets year 7 at grade 3 and area of 2d shapes worksheet 9 targets year 9 working at grade 5.

Area of 2D Shapes Worksheets and Answers

2D Shapes are enclosed within straight lines. 2D Shapes are also known as Polygons. You will have to know the names of some important 2D Shapes. Below is a handy list and you can find worksheets on 2D Shapes here! 2D Shapes Worksheets.

Area of 2D Shapes Worksheet Formula

Below shows formulas for the area of 2D Shapes.

area worksheets

Area of 2D Shapes Worksheets: Best Practice Advice

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Area Of 2d Shapes Worksheets – New & Engaging