Circumference of Circles Worksheets – New & Engaging

Circumference of Circles Worksheets

There are 2 circumference of circles worksheets. Circumference of circles worksheet 1 involves just circles and circumference of circles worksheet 2 involves semi-circles.

Circumference of Circles Worksheets Example 1

The length of the outside of 2D Shapes is usually called the perimeter, but with circles something funny happens. Can you guess what it is? Here it goes: We call the length of the outside of a circle not a perimeter, but rather instead The Circumference. Why? Who knows! You. Well you do know now 😏. Look let's see.
circumference maths worksheet
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Circumference of Circles Worksheets Example 2

To work out the length of the circumference you'll need to know the definition and correct spelling for the diameter. We all know how important spelling is in maths so D.I.A.M.E.T.E.R. Got it? Great. So what is it? Oh it's the length from one side of the circle to the other which travels through the center. Take another look:
diameter maths worksheet

Circumference Of Circles Worksheets – New & Engaging