3D Shapes Worksheets

3d shapes Worksheets

3D Shapes Worksheets

3d shapes worksheets for key stage 3 and key stage 4 gcse foundation and gcse higher. There are currently seven 3d shapes worksheets and each worksheet is on a pdf containing questions and answers. 3d shapes worksheet 1 is a cut out practice exercise. 3d shapes worksheet 7 contains questions asking students to identify 3d prisms.

3D Shapes Worksheets Example 1

3D shape is shorthand for three dimensional shape. We live in a three dimensional reality (apparently 🙄). What that means is that everything has three dimensions, length, width and depth. It enables us to move around in space instead of moving in one straight line - can you imagine what it would be like to only move in straight lines? Well, if you can't then maybe you would like to check out this really cool film. It's called "Flatland" - it explains what it would be like to live in a 2d world in a really cool way, this world, this "flat world" is otherwise known as Flatland! Click the image below to watch it!
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3d shapes worksheet

3D Shapes Worksheets Example 2

Students learn here how to recognise 3d shapes by their names as well as their properties. Some students will have already met this topic at Key Stage 2. Students will learn how to recognise a prism - learning that a prism has similar cross-sections or that the top and bottom faces are the same and the depth between the faces is uniform.

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3D Shapes Questions And Answers