Area Worksheets

Area Worksheets

Area Worksheets

Area worksheets for gcse maths foundation and gcse higher. There are 11 area worksheets on this page. Area worksheet 1 targets grade 3 for year 3. Area worksheet 11 contains questions at grade 6 and targets year 9.

Area Worksheets Example 1

Students will need to know the correct units for area. When we measure area we include a "squared" after the unit. For example cm², m², km², or centimeter squared, meter squared and kilometer squared.

Area Worksheet Example

Below shows an example of area using a 1cm by 1 cm grid.

area worksheet

Area Worksheets Example 2

If you're looking for Area of Sectors and Area of Segments then try here: Area of Sectors Worksheets. For circumference try here: Circumference Worksheets, and for Perimeter, try here! Perimeter Worksheets.

Area Worksheet Formulas

Below shows a formula sheet for the area of 2d shapes including: Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezium, Parallelogram, Rhombus and Kite.

area worksheets

For perimeter worksheets try here: Perimeter Worksheets.

Area Questions And Answers