Circle Theorems Worksheets

Circle Theorem Worksheets

Circle Theorems Worksheets

There are 4 circle theorems worksheets below. Circle theorems worksheet 1 describes circle theorems in words. Circle theorems worksheet 2 calculates angles in circles. Circle theorems worksheets 3 calculates angles in circles involving harder questions. Circle theorems worksheet 4 involves angles at tangents of circles.

Circle Theorems Worksheets Example 1

Students will memorise all of the circle theorems and then practing applying that knowledge to a set of questions. It's important that you have a firm grasp of angles on parallel lines before you move on to circle theorems. You will also have to remember that angles on a straight line and angles in any triangle equal to 180 degrees, and that angles about a point equal to 360 degrees.
We found this cool angles starter activity to get you going:
angles worksheet starter

Circle Theorems Worksheets Example 2

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Circle Theorems Questions And Answers