Compound Shapes Worksheets

Compound Shapes Worksheets

Free Cazoomy Compound Shapes Worksheet

Compound Shapes Worksheets

There are 2 compound shapes below. Compound shapes worksheet 1 finds area of compound shapes. Compound shapes worksheet 2 is harder than compound shapes worksheet 1.

Compound Shapes Worksheets Example 1

Compound shapes are made up of two or three shapes joined together. The first worksheet below contains compound shapes made up of squares and rectangles, so you'll want to be super confident finding areas of squares and rectangles first. Here's a quick start for ya...
area worksheet starter

Compound Shapes Example 2

For the second worksheet you'll want to be super confident finding the area of any triangle whether it be Isosceles Triangles, Scalene Triangles or Right Angled Triangles. If you need to brush up then pop over here: Area of Triangles Worksheets.
If you're looking for Area Worksheets then try here: Area Worksheets.

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