Similar Shapes Worksheets

Similar Shapes Worksheets

Similar Shapes Worksheets

There are 6 similar shapes worksheets here. Similar shapes worksheet 1 identifies similar pairs. Similar shapes worksheet 2 works out missing lengths of similar shapes. Similar shapes worksheet 3 finds missing lengths x and y. Similar shapes worksheet 4 involves proof. Similar shapes worksheet 5 finds the volume of similar shapes and similar shapes worksheet 6 involves word problems.

Similar Shapes Worksheets Example 1

Similar shapes look like each other. Ok bye. No wait, stay. So similar shapes will have proportional sides and their angles will also be the same. Take a look.
similar shapes maths worksheet example

Similar Shapes Worksheets Example 2

When shapes are similar there is always a scale factor. The scale factor represents the number each length is multiplied by in order to map onto a new image. What is the scale factor in the example below?
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Similar Shapes Questions And Answers

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