Expanding and Factorising worksheets for year 9 GCSE maths at foundation level. This page currently contains 1 expanding and factorising worksheet. Expanding and Factorising worksheet 1 has four sections and the first section is more straightforward than the final section. Expanding and Factorising worksheet 1 is a mixed exercise which asks students to expand brackets and factorise expressions. Expanding brackets and factorising expressions are both contained with expanding and Factorising worksheet 1.

Expanding and Factorising Worksheets and Answers

Students will need to know how to expand brackets and factorise expressions. As consolidation it is good practice to use both techniques in the same exercise, however for students who need more time you may just want to start with expanding brackets.
expanding factorising

Expanding and Factorising Worksheets: Best Practice Advice

Students will learn how to expand brackets before they learn how to factorise expressions. The first worksheet below is differentiated so that it starts off straightforward and then gets progressively more difficult.
For all expanding brackets worksheets try here: Expanding Brackets.

Expanding Factorising Worksheets – New & Engaging

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