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Inequalities worksheets for GCSE Maths. Inequalities worksheet 1 asks students to work with inequalities on a number line. Inequalities worksheet 2 asks students to recognize inequality symbols. Inequalities worksheet 3 and Inequalities worksheet 4 is a shading regions exercise. Inequalities worksheet 5 and Inequalities worksheet 6 are traditional solving inequalities worksheets. Inequalities worksheet 7 asks students to solve quadratic inequalities. 

What Is Inequality In Math?

Inequalities show the difference between two numbers using symbols. Inequalities can be represented on a number line.

The inequality below shows x > 1. The circle is open. This shows that x can be any number great than 1 but not including one. The inequality below shows x < - 1. The circle is open. This shows that x can be any number less than - 1 but not including minus one: - 2, - 3 and - 4 are numbers less than -1. 

Inequalities example 1

The image below shows two inequalities represented on separate number lines. When x ≥ 1 x can be any number greater than or equal to one. The circle is shaded. A shaded circle represents "the same as". When x ≤  -1, x can equal -1 one or be less than negative one. 

Inequalities example 2

The final image below shows the representation of x when x is in between two values, such as -2 and 1. In the first number line x is less than 1 and greater than -2. For the second number line x is greater than -3 and less than 2. X can also be equal to -3, which is represented as a shaded circle. 

Inequalities example 3

Inequality Symbols

Inequalities show the difference between two numbers using symbols, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to.

When teaching inequalities it is a good idea for students to already be familiar with topics such as Solving Linear Equations Worksheets, Rearranging Formulae Worksheets, Simplifying Expressions Worksheets.

Inequality Symbols

Inequalities Questions and Answers

The four inequalities questions below increase in difficulty. Inequalities are solved in the same way as linear equations. The most common method for solving inequalities is the balancing method.

When dividing an inequality by a negative number on both sides, such as the final example - 9x ≥ 99, the inequality symbol changes over. We can substitute values into our final solution to check if the inequality symbol is correct.

Inequalities Questions

Inequalities Worksheets – New & Engaging

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