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Decimals worksheets for gcse maths foundation and key stage 3. Decimal worksheet 1 contains questions with true or false statements. Decimal worksheet 2 asks students to order decimals on a number line. Decimal worksheet 3 is a fun ordering decimals maze. Decimal worksheet 4 contains questions for students to position numbers correctly on number lines provided. Decimal worksheet 5 asks students to add and subtract decimals. Decimal worksheet 6 is a pdf which asks students to divide decimals. Decimal worksheet 7 also asks students to divide decimals. Decimal worksheet 8 is a pdf worksheet asking students to multiply decimals. Decimal worksheet 9 contains questions on multiplying decimals. Decimal worksheet 10 asks students to multiply and divide decimals on the same exercise. Decimal worksheet 11 contains mixed questions on decimals including worded problems. Decimal worksheet 12 is a ten minute challenge which contains questions on adding decimals, subtracting decimals, multiplying decimals and dividing decimals.

How Do You Calculate a Decimal Number

We can add decimals, subtract, multiply and divide decimals. A column method is used in order to keep the decimal point in line. The example below shows 892.01 + 17.99. The answer is 910.00. 40.87 - 9.777, the answer is 31.093. Adding and subtracting decimals is the same as adding and subtracting whole numbers. The tens may be carried over to the next column. To multiply decimals we multiply each number by a power of ten. Once we get the sum we divide by a power of 10. To work out 0.09 multiplied by 1.2, we multiply 0.09 by 100 and 1.2 by 10. Once we establish the answer as 108 we divide it by 1000. The final answer is 0.108.

Decimals 1

Decimals 2

Adding Decimals

The six adding decimals questions below are intended for quick decimal arithmetic practice. The answers are 1.4, 7.6, 1.4, 0.3 and 0.6. These questions target year 7s and below who require extra support.

Decimals 7

Multiplying Decimals

Decimals can be multiplied using quick arithmetic. See times tables for extra practice.

Decimals 6

Ordering Decimals

Below shows an ordering decimals starter. You are to write the correct number shown whilst your teacher keeps the number hidden on the white board using a white coloured pen.

Decimals 4

Decimal Maze

Decimal worksheet 3 is a decimal maze. Below is an example. It loops from 0.01 to 0.7 showing each decimal in size order. The first number after the decimal point is known as the tenth. The next number is the hundredth, then thousandth then ten thousandth. The order smallest to largest is 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.031, 0.5, 0.505 and finally 0.7.

Decimals 3

Decimals Practice Question Examples

The graphic below askes students to circle the smallest decimal number. The numbers shown include 0.06, 0.69, 6.069, 0.061, 0.0604 and 0.0069. The answer is 0.0069.

Decimals 5

Decimals Worksheets – New & Engaging

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