Addition Worksheets – New & Engaging

Addition worksheets, questions and answers. Addition worksheet 1 is a mental addition exercise. Addition worksheet 2 is a column addition worksheet for year 7s.

How Do You Find The Sum of Addition?

The most common method to find the sum of addition is the column addition method. Column addition organises the sum into vertical columns. The tenth, hundredths and units are placed under the same column. We can add £1.54 together with £0.89 using the column method. 4 hundredths is placed on top of 9 hundredths. The total sum is 13 hundredths. The 1 is carried over to tenths.  5 tenths is placed above 8 tenths. The sum is 14 tenths once we add the 1 carried over. The decimal points are placed in a vertical column. 1 unit is added together with 0 and whatever is carried over. The final answer is £2.43.

Addition worksheet 1

Adding Money The Proper Way

We can use a calculator to work out most sums. It is good practice to be able to add sums together without the need for a calculator.

Addition worksheet 2

Addition Worksheets – New & Engaging

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