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Multiplication Worksheet Practice

There are over ten pay per view multiplication worksheets available. Multiplication worksheet 1 contains questions on Arithmagons. Multiplication worksheet 2 contains questions on Grid Multiplication. Multiplication worksheet 3 contains questions on Multiplying by Multiples of Ten. Multiplication worksheet 4 involves Multiplying by Zero Point Five. Multiplication worksheet 5 is Multiplying by Two Digits Mentally. Multiplication worksheet 6 contains questions on Short Multiplication A. Multiplication worksheet 7 involves Short Multiplication B. Multiplication worksheet 8 looks at Long Multiplication A. Multiplication worksheet 9 works on Long Multiplication B. Multiplication worksheet 10 contains questions on Long Multiplication (Grid Method) in pdf worksheet format.

Short Multiplication

When it comes to multiplication there are three main methods to solving: mentally, using a written method or using a calculator. There are free worksheets above that work on times tables mental practice. The examples below are for using a written method. The multiplication written method can be used for short multiplication or long multiplication. In example 1 below,  a box grid method is used to solve the question 99 multiplied by 8. Students will already be familiar with place value. To solve the short multiplication question, 99 is partitioned into tens and units, 9 tens and 9 units; 90 and 9. When the tens and units are multiplied by 8, the total sum is found. The answer is 792. The same box grid method is used for example 2 and the answer is 287. In example 3 the traditional column method is used to solve the multiplication; 84 multiplied by 9. The column method is also used in example 4. The answer is 30474.

Multiplication Example Worksheet 1

Long Multiplication

The example below shows how to solve long multiplication using the grid method. Long multiplication involves multiplying two (or more) numbers that are greater than the number 10, such that each number contains a value for tens and a value for its units. The example below shows 41 multiplied by 25. 41 is partitioned into 4 tens (40) and 4 units (4). 25 is partitioned into 2 tens (20) and 5 units (5). The total sum is found and the answer is 1025.

Multiplication Example Worksheet 2

Multiplication Worksheets – New & Engaging

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