Simplifying Expressions Worksheets – New & Engaging

Simplifying expressions worksheets containing pdf questions and answers.  14 simplifying expressions worksheets. Simplifying expressions worksheet 1, simplifying expressions worksheet 2 and simplifying expressions worksheet 3 involve questions using algebraic pyramids. Simplifying expressions worksheet 7 contains questions asking students to spot like terms. Simplifying expressions worksheet 13 and simplifying expressions worksheet 14 are newly designed worksheets including fractional coefficients for the 9-1 gcse maths UK national curriculum.

How to Simplify Expressions

Algebraic expressions are made up of letters and numbers. We call the letter the unknown. When a letter and number are together, such as 2b, we call this a term. When we simplify algebraic expressions we collect the like terms together.

Simplifying Expressions

Simplifying Expressions - Harder Examples

Check out the example below. Some terms contain more than one variable. The term “2a” is different to the term “2ab” for example. If a = 3, let’s say, when you substitute it into 2a the answer is 6. If we substitute a = 3 into 2ab, the result is 6b. b is unknown. When we add 5xy with 2xy the answer is 7xy. However if the expression is 5xy + 2x we leave the simplification as it is. We do not combine 5xy with 2x because they are different variables.

Simplifying Expressions 2

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Simplifying Expressions Worksheets – New & Engaging

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