Bearings Worksheets – New & Engaging

Bearings worksheets, answers and questions. Bearing worksheet 1 contains 3 sections involving measuring bearings with a protractor. Bearings worksheet 2 is a sketching and describing bearings exercise. Bearings worksheet 3 is a calculating bearings worksheet using a calculator and bearings worksheet 4 is involves harder calculations. Bearings worksheet 5 involves bearings and scale word questions.

What Are Bearings Used For?

A compass has four primary directional points. A cool mnemonic to remember is Never, Eat, Shredded, Wheat.

The image below shows the compass points North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, West and North-West. The angles on compasses require three figures. The bearings are marked as 000o, 045o, 090o, 135o, 180o, 225o, 270o and 315o.

Bearings Compass 1

Blank Compasses

The resource below is a set of six blank compasses.

Blank Compasses

How Do You Calculate Bearings?

After we learn about angles on parallel lines we can do really cool stuff with bearings without having to measure them. When measuring bearings we always turn clockwise from north. Clockwise is the direction a clock turns. Anti-clockwise goes against the direction a clock turns.

Bearings Question and Answer One

Students need to know how to calculate and measure bearings. The image below shows the bearing of B from A. The bearings is 065o. We always measure bearings clockwise.

Bearings Question 1

Bearings Question and Answer Two

The bearing of Y from X is measured differently to the bearing X from Y. Look at the image below. It shows that the bearing of Y from X is 110o, and the bearing of X from Y is 290o. Skills required to answer this question is angles on parallel lines.

Bearings Question 2

Bearings Worksheets – New & Engaging

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