1. Q: What can I do if I notice a mistake?

      If you spot a mistake in any of the answers, let us know. We'll add a couple extra months to your subscription.

Q: Do you welcome feedback?

Absolutely. Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Which resources do I gain access to after purchase?

    Trial gets you 100 cazoomy worksheets, starter gets you 500 cazoomy worksheets and professional gets you unlimited cazoomy worksheets for life. Example and homweork resources are free and will not eat into your download count.

  • Q: What are the benefits of becoming a 'professional' member?

    Professional members gain access to all new uploads for life. On average we upload 20-50 new cazoomy worksheets per week. Members may not share their username or password, the system automatically prohibits this action.

  • Q: Is payment made monthly or one-time?

    Payments are made one time. Payments are processed through Stripe. School purchases are processed via bank transfer.

  • Q: When do you upload new worksheets?

    We upload new content daily. Our current total is 1112 resources.

  • Q: Why Cazoomy worksheets instead of a thousand other maths worksheets?

    Cazoomy worksheets are fun, colorful and dynamic. Each cazoomy worksheet is differentiated, bright and engaging. Kids love them!

  • Q: What is the format of your resources?

    PDF. The examples - mostly free - are in png format.

  • Q: Is it just for UK students?

    No. Parents, tutors and home learners regularly signup, as well as teachers of students from around the commonwealth and the united states.

  • Q: This is so good, why haven't I heard of it?

    Spread the word!

  • Q: Can I share my login and password?

    No. Users who do this are automatically locked out by the system. To re-gain access you may have to email us.

  • Q: How many team memebers are there?

    We are a small team of specialist teachers, developers and designers.

  • Q: How do I gain access for my whole school?

    Prices for a multiple user license start from £99. See Price List To request an order form email:

  • Q: How do I start?

    Choose an option from above and get downloading straight away. Let us know how you and your students get on. You may leave a testimonial.

  • Q: What do I do if I have problems?

    Contact us - email us at Users usually run into no issues at all.