Direct Proportion Worksheets – New & Engaging

Direct proportion worksheets for year 11 working at grade 8 for 9-1 GCSE Maths in the UK national curriculum. The direct proportion worksheet asks students to find an equation for y in x by finding the constant of proportionality.

How Do You Find The Direct Proportion?

Direct proportion involves multiplicative reasoning. Direct proportion requires the student to work comfortably with fractions and decimals. The direct proportion statements below show y as proportional to x. When y is proportional to x it is written as y = kx, y is proportional to the square of x is written as y = kx2 , y is directly proportional to x cubed is written as y = kx3 , y varies directly with the square root of x is written as y = k√x.

direct proportion worksheet example

What Is Direct Proportion Examples?

Directly proportional relationships are linear. When mapped on a graph if x and y are proportional, then the line formed is linear and straight through the origin. An example of directly proportional relationships when y is written in terms of x include: y = 1, x = 5, y = 2, x = 10, y = 3, x = 15. In this case the constant of proportionality is 5, where y = kx. The formula for this relationship is y = 5x. The graph circled below shows the shape of direct proportionality.
direct proportion worksheet example 2

Direct Proportion Worksheets – New & Engaging

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