2D Shapes Worksheets – New & Engaging

2D Shapes Worksheets – New & Engaging

2D Shapes Worksheets

Naming 2D Shapes

The image below shows the names of eight 2d Shapes: Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Trapezium, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Kite and Hexagon. A Square, Rectangle, Trapezium, Parallelogram, Rhombus and Kite have four sides. A Triangle has 3 sides and a Hexagon has 6 sides. Four sided-shapes are known as quadrilaterals.

2d shapes worksheet

2D Shapes Key Words

2D Shapes key words include parallel, opposite, straight, adjacent, diagonal, right angle, isosceles, sides, equal, length and width. A kite for example has equal adjacent sides. Other key words include scalene, equilateral, and perpendicular. A scalene triangle has unequal sides.

2d shapes worksheet key words

2D Shapes Angle Sums

The image below shows six 2D shapes and the total sum of their angles. Find out more about this topic: polygons.

2d shapes worksheet 1

Properties of 2D Shapes

The image below shows the properties of 2D Shapes. The table includes at least two properties for each 2D shape.

A square has four equal sides and 4 lines of symmetry. A rectangle has 2 pairs of equal sides and 2 lines of symmetry. A triangle has 3 vertices, or corners. A trapezium has 4 vertices and 1 pair of parallel sides. A trapezium may have 1 line of symmetry.

A parallelogram and a rhombus have 2 pairs of parallel sides. A rhombus has 2 lines of symmetry a parallelogram has 0. The adjacent sides of a kite are equal, and a kite has 1 line of symmetry.

2d shapes worksheet 2

2D Shapes - Quadrilaterals

The image below shows quadrilaterals. Angles in quadrilaterals total to 360 degrees. A square and a rectangle contain four right angles. A rhombus and a parallelogram contain opposite angles that are equal. A kite can have a right angle and a trapezium can contain two right angles.

2d shapes worksheet 3

2d shapes 3d shapes

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