Surface Area Worksheets – New & Engaging

Surface Area Worksheets – New & Engaging

Surface Area Worksheets

How Do You Find The Surface Area?

The surface area is the area on the surface of a 3D Shape. The image below shows the steps to working out the surface area of a cuboid. Surface area is measured in squared units, for example cm², m² and km². Usually answers are written as centimeter square units.

Surface Area 1

The final surface area is worked out by adding each rectangle face. The final calculation is 12 cm² + 12 cm² + 30 cm² + 30 cm² + 40 cm² + 40 cm². The final answer is 164 cm².

Surface Area Question 3

Working Out The Surface Area Examples

The faces of a cuboid are all rectangular. However some prisms have faces made up of different shapes including squares, triangles and trapeziums. A triangular prism has 5 faces, 2 faces are triangular and 3 faces are rectangles. One of the rectangular faces is sloping. The example below works out the total surface area of a triangular prism.

Surface Area 1

The total surface area is calculated by adding 6 cm², 8 cm², 10 cm², 6 cm² and 6 cm². The final answer is 36 cm².

Surface Area Question 4

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