Vectors Worksheets – New & Engaging

Vectors Worksheets – New & Engaging

Vectors Worksheets

What Is Vector With Example?

A vector has magnitude and direction. A vector describes the movement of a particle from one point to another. Vectors are usually drawn with a line and arrow. A negative vectors goes in the opposite direction. Vectors can be multiplied by a scalar. Vectors are parallel if one is the scalar multiple of the other. The scalar multiple for the example below is 3.

Vectors 2

Vectors have direction. We can add, subtract and multiply vectors. When two vectors are perpendicular the dot product is equal to zero. See the examples below.

Vectors 3

How Do Column Vectors Work?

The examples below are known as column vectors. Column vectors have two values, the x direction and y direction. Column vectors are written vertically.

Vectors 1

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