Ratio and Proportion Worksheets – New & Engaging

How Do You Solve A Ratio Problem?

A quantity can be represented as a percentage, fraction, decimal or ratio. A ratio shows the balance of an amount. Ratios are used to solve problems such as divide £24 in the ratio 1:2. The image below shows that the ratio 1:2 is 1/3 red and 2/3 green. To divide £24 into the ratio 1:2 we find 1/3. One third of £24 is £8. The final answer is £8 : £16. The final answer should add to the total. In this case £8 + £16 = £24.

Ratio Proportion 1

Proportion Questions

A proportion is a fraction of an amount. An amount could be a total, a whole or a complete part. The proportion of cake eaten at a party might be 1/2, or one half. If one eigth of the world travel by plane then seven eight of the world do not travel by plane. Probability is a maths topic which requires knowledge of proportions as fractions. The image below shows that 1/2 + 2/5 + 1/4 + 1/20 = 1. The 10 x 10 square below represents 1 whole.

Ratio Proportion 2

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