Place Value Worksheets – New & Engaging

Place Value Worksheets – New & Engaging

Place Value Worksheets

What Is An Example of Place Value?

Place value indicates the position of each figure. The value of the figure after the decimal point is units, then tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions and ten millions.

Place Value Example

The table below is an example of a place value table. Put the number 340985.27 in the table. The 7 represents 7 hundredth and the 2 is two tenths.

Place Value 1

What Is The Place Value of a Number?

The place value shows thousands (thou), hundreds (hun), tens and units.  An abacus is used to count the correct amount for each position. There is a blank abacus table below. Use it to draw the correct number of counters for the numbers: 432, 17, 8000, 4069, 10 and 3.

Place Value 2

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