Polygons Maths Worksheets – New & Engaging

Polygons Maths Worksheets – New & Engaging

Polygons Maths Worksheets

What Is A Polygon Shape?

A polygon is a fully closed shape. A polygon has straight line segments. Polygons can be a regular shape or irregular shape. A three sided regular polygon is an equilateral triangle. Equilateral triangles have 3 equal angles. Regular polygons have each side the same length. A shape with 5 sides is a pentagon. Any pentagon can be regular or irregular. A shape with 6 sides is called a hexagon. A 7-sided shape is a heptagon. An 8-sided shape is an octagon and a 9-sided shape is a nonagon. A decagon has 10 sides and a dodecagon has 12 sides.

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What Are Different Types of Polygons?

Different polygons have different interior angles. Each regular polygon is comprised of similar triangles. A regular quadrilateral is a square. A square comprises of two similar right-angle triangles. The interior angles of a square is 90°. The interior angles of a regular pentagon are 108°.

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