Negative Numbers Worksheets – New & Engaging

Negative Numbers worksheet 1 compares temperatures across the UK. Negative Numbers worksheet 2 involves negative number addition and subtraction. Negative Numbers worksheet 3 incorporates questions with greater than and less than symbols where students compare values for each statement. Negative Numbers worksheet 4 contains directed number questions including brackets. Negative Numbers worksheet 5 is a negative number investigation. Negative Numbers worksheet 6 are multiplication and division of negative numbers. Negative Numbers worksheet 7 involves number pyramids which add, subtract or multiply numbers in pyramid blocks. Negative Numbers worksheet 8 investigates mixed problems containing adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing negative numbers.

What Are Negative Numbers?

Negative numbers fall below zero. Negative one is larger than negative five for example. Temperature is a great example of negative numbers. In real life the temperature may drop beneath zero. When the temperature falls below zero it becomes very cold. - 10 degrees Celsius is colder than - 5 degrees Celsius for example.

Negative Numbers 1

What Are The Rules For Negative Numbers?

Adding two positive numbers makes a positive answer. Subtracting a negative number changes the sign into plus. For example 3 - - 4 equals positive 7. Subtracting a positive numbers changes the sign to negative. 3 + - 4 equals - 1 for example.

Negative Numbers 2

The four questions below show the way the plus and minus sign change depending on its combination. In short +- makes - and  - - makes +.

Negative Numbers 3

Negative Number Lines

The image below shows 7 negative number lines from -20 to 3.

Negative Number Lines

Negative Numbers Worksheets – New & Engaging

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