Negative Numbers Worksheets – New & Engaging

Negative Numbers Worksheets – New & Engaging

Negative Numbers Worksheets

What Are Negative Numbers?

Negative numbers fall below zero. Negative one is larger than negative five for example. Temperature is a great example of negative numbers. In real life the temperature may drop beneath zero. When the temperature falls below zero it becomes very cold. - 10 degrees Celsius is colder than - 5 degrees Celsius for example.

Negative Numbers 1

What Are The Rules For Negative Numbers?

Adding two positive numbers makes a positive answer. Subtracting a negative number changes the sign into plus. For example 3 - - 4 equals positive 7. Subtracting a positive numbers changes the sign to negative. 3 + - 4 equals - 1 for example.

Negative Numbers 2

The four questions below show the way the plus and minus sign change depending on its combination. In short +- makes - and  - - makes +.

Negative Numbers 3

Negative Number Lines

The image below shows 7 negative number lines from -20 to 3.

Negative Number Lines

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