Similar Shapes Worksheets - Practice

Similar shapes worksheet 1 identifies similar pairs. Similar shapes worksheet 2 works out missing lengths of similar shapes. Similar shapes worksheet 3 finds missing lengths x and y. Similar shapes worksheet 4 involves proof. Similar shapes worksheet 5 finds the volume of similar shapes and similar shapes worksheet 6 involves word problems.

What Are Similar Shapes?

Similar shapes have equivalent lengths and widths. Each corresponding angle is equal and each corresponding side is fractional. All sides have equivalent ratio. What is the name of the shapes below?

Similar Shapes 1

The shapes above are similar right-angle triangles. The image below shows compound shapes, "L" Shapes, that are all similar.

Similar Shapes 2

How Do You Find Similar Shapes ?

The question below shows two isosceles triangles. The missing side is x cm. The answer is 6.67 to two decmial places.

Similar Shapes 1

The question below is more advanced. The question contains similar triangles ADE and ABC.  Side CB is equivalent to side DE. Side AB is equivalent to side AE. (5/2) = (6/x). The final answer is 2.4 cm.

Similar Shapes 2

Similar Shapes Worksheets – New & Engaging

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