Equivalence Worksheets – New & Engaging

Equivalence Worksheets – New & Engaging

Equivalence Worksheets

What Is Equivalence In Math?

Equivalence is relatively the same. One whole can be represented as 1.0 or 100 percent or even 1:1 as a ratio. One half is the same as 50 percent and zero point five. The diagram below shows equivalent sections out of one whole.

Equivalence Diagram 1

The image below shows 20 percent, 0.2 and one fifth as equivalent. 20 percent is the same as 20 out of 100. 20 out of 100 can be written as a fraction. As a fraction it is 1/5, one fifth.

Equivalence Diagram 2

The decimal 0.04 compliments 96 percent. 0.04 as a percentage is 4 percent.

Equivalence Diagram 3

What Are Recurring Decimals?

Recurring decimals continue indefinitely without end. The pattern of numbers which occur after the decimal place depends on the location of the small dot above each number.

Recurring Decimals 1

Fraction Decimals Percentages

The chart below shows equivalent decimals, percentages and fractions.

Fraction Decimal Percentage 3

Percentage Decimal Fraction

To convert a percent to a decimal divide by one hundred. Any decimal smaller than one can be written as a fraction out of 100.

Fraction Decimal Percentage 2

Decimal Percentage Fraction

We work out the equivalent percentage to decimal by multiplying by one hundred.

Fraction Decimal Percentage 2

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