Enlargement Worksheets – New & Engaging

Enlargement Worksheets – New & Engaging

Enlargement Worksheets

What Do You mean By Enlargement?

A shape can be transformed by enlargement. Enlargement changes the size of a shape. A shape becomes bigger or smaller after enlargement. If the scale factor is 1 then it remains the same size.

Where the scale factor is negative the shape appears 'flipped' over. A fractional scale factor will transform into a 'smaller' shape.

Below are a set of coordinates for practicing transforming shapes by enlargement.

How To Enlarge Shapes

There is a scale factor with every enlargement. Below shows how to enlarge by scale factor two. Each side is multiplied by 2.
Enlargement worksheet 1
When enlarging a shape by scale factor 3 each side is multiplied by three.
Enlargement worksheet 2