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Whilst you get more rest - let us do the hard work. We’re here 24/7 - fire away with questions and queries. Don’t forget, you can leave a review on the testimonial page. Peace, Dirk et al @Cazoomy.

We Believe In a Thing Called Maths

We believe in maths. We believe in engagement. We believe that classroom maths can inthrall, inspire and motivate. We aim to make maths exciting again. Our maths resources are designed for maximum engagement. Each page is jam-packed and well structured with enough space to teach an entire maths lesson - scaffolded and well differentiated. We don’t doubt for a second that the average teacher is fully equipped to inspire engagement - possibly with your own resources. Collectively however we have hit a global epidemic - the word “hate” and “maths” go together too often. We have the solution. Colour matters. Presentation matters. Energy matters. Inclusion matters. It’s time for change. Join the revol-solution.