Linear Equations Worksheets – New & Engaging

Linear Equations Worksheets - Practice

Linear equations worksheets for gcse foundation and gcse higher suitable for year 7, year 8 and year 9. Linear equations worksheet 1 is a 15 minute challenge and linear equations worksheet 7 excludes the negatives.

Linear Equations Examples

Students learn how to solve Linear equations from year 7 onwards. Solving Linear equations ranges in difficulty. Students may understand how to manipulate algebraic expressions before they are ready to solve Linear equations. We generally recommend following the maths Linear equations worksheets in the order listed.

Linear Equations Example 1

Linear Equations Example 2

Linear Equations Example 3

How to Solve Linear Equations

Linear Equations is a GCSE Foundation and GCSE Higher topic. Experienced teachers will have their own unique approach when teaching how to solve Linear equations. We recommend the balancing method as this is a common way to introduce the topic solving Linear equations. As prerequisite worksheets we suggest: simplifying expressions worksheets, or substituting into expressions worksheets.

Linear Equations Example 4

Linear Equations Example 5

Linear Equations Example 6

Linear Equations Worksheets – New & Engaging

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