Completing The Square Worksheets

Completing The Square Worksheets

Completing The Square Practice

A selection of completing the square worksheets. The first completing the square worksheet asks students to solve equations that are expressed in completed the square form. Completing the square worksheet 1 targets grade 8 for year 11 and some year 10 students. The second completing the square worksheet first asks questions on expressing quadratic equations in the correct completing the square form. The first section for completing the square worksheet 2 does not include questions with a coefficient in front of the bracket but the second section section does involve a number in front of the bracket. The second completing the square worksheet targets grade 9 for year 11 students containing questions designed for the 9-1 GCSE maths UK national curriculum.

Completing The Square Examples

Completing the square is an advaned Higher GCSE topic in maths. There are several ways to solve a quadratic equation and one of the ways is by completing the square.
The advantage of the completing the square method is it easily helps us to identify the y-intercept and the minimum or maximum points on a quadratic graph.
completing square worksheet example 1

How to Complete The Square

Students will have a good working knowledge of multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting fractions before they learn how to completing the square. Students may also be required to work with decimals. Students must be prepared to solve quadratic equations by completing the square with or without a calculator.
Completing The Square Worksheet Example 2
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Completing The Square Questions And Answers

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