Factorising Worksheets

Factorising Worksheet Practice

Factorising worksheets for year 9 and for year 10, maths foundation and gcse higher. Factorising worksheet 1 and factorising worksheet 4 contain questions using a table and a grid in order to help factorise. Factorising worksheet 2, factorising worksheet 3, factorising worksheet 5 and factorising worksheet 6 are traditional factorising exercises.

Factorising Worksheet Examples

Factorising means putting the algebraic expression back into brackets. You will have already studied expanding brackets. Factorising is the reverse process. You will have already learnt how to simplify algebraic expressions. In the example below we see that 7x + 14 when factorised into single brackets is 7(x + 2). Once you sucessfully factorise an expression, you can check the answer by expanding the brackets.

factorising into brackets worksheet example 1

Factorising worksheet example

Factorising Quadratic Expressions

Once you learn how to factorise expressions into single brackets, students learn how to factorise quadratic expressions. Quadratic expressions have its highest power as two. Quadratic expressions usually begin with x2, or there may be a coefficient before x2, such as 6x2 + 5x + 1, in this case 6 is the coefficient before x2. The example below shows how to factorise the expression x2 + 11x + 24 using a grid method.

Factorising into brackets worksheet example 2

Factorising worksheet example 2

Factorising Questions And Answers

For questions on expanding brackets see: Expanding Brackets Worksheets. For questions on Solving Quadratic Equations see: Solving Quadratic Equations.