Index Notation Worksheets

index notation worksheets

Free Cazoomy Index Notation Worksheet

Index Notation Worksheets

Index Notation worksheets for gcse foundation and gcse higher. Index notation worksheet 1 introduces indices at grade 3, index notation worksheet 2 and index notation worksheet 3 asks students to calculate in index notation working at grade 4 and grade 6. Index notation worksheet 4, index notation worksheet 5, index notation worksheet 6, index notation worksheet 8 and index notation worksheet 9 work at gcse higher level. Index notation worksheet 7 is a fun index notation search worksheet.

Index Notation Worksheets Example 1

Index notation refers to the power symbol we write just above numbers or terms. a² means "a" squared which means "a" multiplied by "a". There are other names for an index, including power and also logarithm.
Index notation 1

Index Notation Worksheets Example 2

It's good to establish the laws of indices quickly when learning index notation. Whenever we multiply expressions together with the same index this operation is equivalent to adding the numbers in the index together. For example, a² x a² , is equivalent to "a to the power of 4", since 2 + 2 equals 4 ... right!? 😛
Index notation 2

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