sequences worksheets

Sequences Worksheets

Sequences Worksheets

Sequences worksheets with questions and answers for gcse maths at foundation and higher. Each sequences worksheet targets a different gcse grade. Sequences worksheet 1 contains questions on the term-to-term rule. Sequences worksheet 2 asks questions on finding nth terms. Sequences worksheet 3 asks questions on generating sequences. Sequences worksheet 4 asks questions on linear sequences. Sequences worksheet 5 contains questions on quadratic sequences. Sequences worksheet 6 and sequences worksheet 7 contain questions on geometric sequences for foundation gcse maths grade 3 and grade 4.

Sequences Worksheets Example 1

Here are a selection of sequences maths worksheets with answers, starting with the term to term rule, and more advanced concepts like geometric sequences at worksheet number 7.
the fibonacci sequence

Sequences Worksheets Example 2

Geometric sequences was introduced in the UK curriculum with the introduction of the 9-1 grading system. It was previously a topic exclusive to A-Level mathematics. Suggested after topics include: quadratic graphs and functions.
sequences key words

Sequences Questions And Answers

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